The T-Bone Board Lock™ is custom locking mechanism for securing any surfboard, longboard, or paddle board which utilizes a fin box. The T-Bone is made from recycled aluminum which has been machined and anodized bright red. This lock system comes with the T-Bone and a Python cable lock from Master Lock®. The entire lock system is packaged in butcher paper to lessen the impact on the environment.

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How the T-Bone Works

The T-Bone Board Lock works by securing a surfboard using the fin box. The T-Bones are inserted in the fin box one at a time in opposing directions. Then the T-Bones are slid together matching up the holes. Once the holes are matched the cable lock is inserted then cable can be secured to any stationary object (surf racks, bumpers, railings, trees, lifeguard stands, large dogs and cats, etc...). The board is now secure and the T-Bone is locked within the fin box until the cable is removed.

Why you need a T-Bone?

The T-Bone Board Lock™ was invented for larger boards which do not readily fit inside a locked vehicle and for the secure storage of these boards. The T-Bone will keep your stick secured while you are at work, at the store, checking the surf, or eating your lunch between sessions. Think of all the times you wanted to bring your board with you but, were afraid of having it stolen. The T-Bone has been tested from New York City to Oakland and throughout the Hawaiian islands.

Who uses the T-Bone?

Anyone who values their surfboard and doesn't want it ripped off. People who want to surf before and after work without worrying where to put their board. Now, even the Stand Up Paddle Boarders can feel safe bringing their boards anywhere.

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