The Story Behind TEAM CHOW®

The real story behind Team Chow® is quite entertaining. The concept behind Team Chow® was originally founded in 1985. It all started with a small group of surfers traveling together on a surf trip. Then, when they least expected it, the surf went flat, I mean really flat, some call it, “Florida Flat.” In a complete state of panic, these surfers needed to find something to do while they waited for the next swell to arrive.

At first, the surfers thought of all types of different activities like skateboarding, playing Frisbee, football, and basketball. The problem was the weather; it was cold and rainy which limited them to mostly indoor activities. Mind you this was before surf DVDs, X Boxes, and the internet in most locations. So, they thought of playing board games or card games. These were then considered both lame and boring. While thinking of what they could do when one of the surfers mentioned he was getting hungry. Then the whole group decided it was time to eat.

Being on a strict, “surfers budget,” the group headed out to an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. This is where you can stay and eat for as long as you would like for one incredibly low price. This was perfect for these budget conscious surfers. Once inside the surfers looked over the buffet and studied it like they would a new line-up. There was salad stuff on the inside, cooked vegetables in the channel, the heavy meats were peaking up on the outside, and the soup, yes there is always soup and it was bubbling hot and surrounded with crackers and breads of all kinds. The dessert bar was lingering on the horizon and there was every type of cake, pie, cookie, and ice cream just waiting to clean you up. It looked too good to be true. They couldn’t imagine that someone would let them eat all they wanted. There must be a catch. So they decided the best way to get the biggest benefit from this utopia of food was to set up a game plan.

Just like any surfer would look over the line-up and make a game plan on how to get to the best waves without getting worked. These surfers then made rules and regulations on how to get the most food at one sitting. This was where Team Chow® was born.  They noticed that the restaurant gave free refills on sodas and would drop off tasty yeast rolls at your table. This inspired one of the first rules since, sodas and yeast rolls are mere fillers used to keep one from eating the good stuff (expensive stuff), fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. To combat these fillers this newly formed group of Team Chow® members would severely limit if not totally eliminate eating and drinking filler items while grazing at a buffet.

The surfers spent literally hours at this buffet honing their eating skills and discussing their newly found activity, “EATING HEAVILY.” For the rest of their surf trip they practiced what they preached eating their way through buffet after buffet. They once were even asked to leave a pizza buffet for eating too much. When they returned home they did not forget about Team Chow®. They told others about their unique eating brotherhood and others followed. They kept inventing new rules and regulations and even deemed certain restaurants TEAM CHOW® Approved™.

Ten years later, one of the founding fathers of TEAM CHOW®, married another beautiful TEAM CHOW® member. Soon after, they moved to Hawaii to follow the surf and then decided to start a business. This business was created to invent new products and ideas that where beneficial to the environment and for the people who use them.  Our philosophy has always been, “We will only invent, manufacture, and sell products that we would use ourselves.” After discussing many different names for this business they decided to pay homage to their background and named their newly formed company TEAM CHOW®. With this newly founded company, came the responsibility (the “R” word) to properly represent TEAM CHOW® and its members while designing innovative quality products. They decided that the names of these products must reflect TEAM CHOW® roots and would be named after different foods. Our first product the Pickle Wax Remover® made out of 100% recycled ingredients is currently sold in over 8 different countries around the World. Other products are being test marketed including the T-Bone Board Lock™ as well as others products that are in the research and development phase.

As we like to say, “You’ll never know how good life tastes unless you eat it”, the TEAM CHOW® motto.

Location of TEAM CHOW® Headquarters

TEAM CHOW Headquarters is located on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu in an undisclosed location. The headquarters is within a few steps to the best surf in the world. Life is Great!

Rules & Regulations